Skin in the Game

Bill:      Sometimes it’s not what you read IN the ingredient statement, it’s what is NOT in the ingredient statement. Check out these two statements, see the difference? And what does it tell us? It’s for a breaded chicken burger:

Ingredients: chicken breast, bleached wheat flour, water, salt…..

Ingredients: chicken breast meat, bleached wheat flour, water, salt…

What the poultry processors do in the first statement is add about 11% skin to the chicken breast meat, the second one says “meat” and there’s no skin added to it. The percent of skin meat is in natural proportion of a chicken breast at 11% skin (Texas Agricultural Extension Service). Skin is cheap, meat is not. So, the processors bring in boneless skinless breast meat and chop it in chunks. Skin is separately pureed into a  paste that looks like thick vanilla pudding and mixed with the meat and formed into a burger and coated with up to 30% batter and breading (USDA).  The label shown above is an example of this. Same thing with chicken nuggets, you can pull one apart and easily tell if it’s whole muscle or chopped and formed (skins in it). Read your labels and watch out for that 1 dollar menu!


Sandy:  When someone buys breaded chicken burgers, that is exactly what they expect to get: chicken, breading, and maybe some seasonings. You don’t expect to have to decipher a label composed of what seems like a list of words that belong in a science book! Chemicals, preservatives, and questionable chicken “products” are probably not what you want for your family.  Fortunately, you can make chicken burgers easily at home, and freeze them for easy meal  preparation later on! You KNOW what you put in the chicken burgers and they will taste better too!

Here is a tasty and easy-to-prepare recipe for breaded chicken patties that you can make and freeze for fast meals later! Breaded Chicken Patties

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