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handHere are some links that you may find useful in your quest for better food products
We encourage you to get acquainted with all the multi-syllable words on the labels of pre-packaged food. What IS that stuff, anyway? Being informed means you can make better choices about what you put in your body! It also means your food dollar can be put to better use by choosing foods with proper nutrition instead of filling you with chemicals and additives.
There’s no real decent definition for “natural” and who knows what’s really “safe” and in what amounts. There are some FDA guidelines, but many in the food industry can’t agree about “natural” claims. Here’s a link to a corporation that has implemented its own guidelines for ingredients that they will not sell any products that contain them. If you read labels, you’ve seen many of these ingredients. It’s the “Whole Foods Inc. Unacceptable Ingredients List”
If you are interested in a pretty good comprehensive database of nutritional information for ingredients and food products, check out the USDA database 
This is a link to most all the rules for producing and labeling a food product. Some parts are an easy read, some parts read like gobbledygook even to food professionals. Much subject to interpretation, but it’s the FDA’s bible to fortune 500 food producers to mom and pop producers.  Check it out: Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed Per Eating Occasion
Do you have a food product you would like to see packaged professionally? These are the people who can do it for you! Food Trade Consultants 

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